5 stars



secos9 reviewed Kelly Pessis 03/17/2016

Helped me sell a home

Kelly is one smart agent – her marketing strategies and planning got our house sold very quickly. We would absolutely use her services again. She excelled at explaining the process and paperwork and was fun to work with!


echoi reviewed Kelly Pessis 02/06/2016

Helped me rent out my home

Kelly is a pro. She can be an unwavering rock when required, but empathetic when appropriate. She is super knowledgeable – she’s like Google for all things home-related. Here’s one more thing – agents often have a reputation for being ruthless and unscrupulous. Kelly is extremely ethical.


Coral Stern reviewed Kelly Pessis 05/28/2015

Helped me buy a home

Kelly was great throughout the process of buying our home. She made sure that we were informed on everything involved. She kept the escrow moving keeping close contact with everyone involved. Even after the close of escrow she continued to help us with getting some extra things done that we wanted. Kelly is wonderful to work with.    


Kayla Lescure reviewed Kelly Pessis 05/09/2015

Helped me buy a home

Kelly was incredible as she guided us through every step of our purchase. She was savvy and knowledgeable about the process and made sure we stayed on the right track. She was encouraging and supportive and always made herself available for any question, no matter how small. Kelly also has a wonderful personality and each exchange with her was an absolute pleasure. We feel so lucky that Kelly was our agent.


subjecttoochange reviewed Kelly Pessis 02/16/2015

Helped me buy a home

My wife and I started the arduous process of home buying right at the peak of the lovely housing bubble. Not only did the concept seem unattainable, it was very depressing at first. When all was said and done, we spent three years looking for the home we now live in. It would have been utterly impossible if Kelly was not there to guide us along the way. When I say guide us, I truly mean that she stuck by our side every step of the way. Thankfully the market began its much needed correction to bring houses back to a realistic range in prices and by then, Kelly had shown us the world. Overall, our adventure with Kelly was an extremely educational experience. Her “Yodaesque” skills will be called upon again when it comes time to go through the home selling and buying universe again. (If she’ll have us of course)

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mangotess reviewed Kelly Pessis 02/14/2015

Helped me sell a home

Honesty and integrity is a criteria for me and she was
ALL of that and more…….She is positive of her results and gets a great price
for your property. This is why I trust her and recommend her to anyone who
wants to buy or sell…….Last but not least she is GENEROUS!
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beachmable reviewed Kelly Pessis 02/14/2015

Helped me sell a home/Helped me buy a home

Wow where do I start! Kelly is amazing! I was selling my moms home a few years ago and buying another for her with Kelly’s help and amazing skills! My mom was not easy at this time in her life and Kelly had the patience of a saint! Kelly also sold it for more than it was listed for as well as found a fabulous home for my mom in Calabasas. I have found Kelly to be the most professional and hard working agent I have ever worked with ever! Her dedication to her clients are amazing and she never gives up! Kelly’s integrity is far beyond any realtor I have ever met as well. Her ethics are above reproach. I cannot say enough amazing things about Kelly. I hope to be able to work with her again very soon. If not I am sure I have a friend now not just a realtor!

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usobotka reviewed Kelly Pessis 03/08/2015

Helped me buy a home

Kelly was a listing agent for the property that we purchased. She was flexible and reasonable, while at the same time keeping her client’s interest in mind. She has a refreshing personality and keeps herself to the highest ethical standards. It was a pleasure working with her and now she is a great neighbor! I would highly recommend her.


patient307 reviewed Kelly Pessis 02/08/2016

Helped me rent a home

My boyfriend and I have been tenants of Kelly’s for almost four years now. She is amazing!! Very polite, super helpful and friendly. Every time there is an issue she is quick to solve it! She makes sure that everything is taken care of and that you are happy. She also keeps the property up to date and nice looking. Kelly is flexible and understanding about things, and is always willing to work things out with us.


Helped me buy a home

In LA, there are many individuals who get into real estate, because other career paths are failing. Kelly is a seasoned professional who is dedicated to the field of real estate.

Firstly, I met Kelly when I was considering the sale of my condo. When I changed my mind and decide to not to sell, she supported my decision and remained in contact. Later, when I decided to rent my condo and buy a house, she was ready to help me.

My experience was specific to the Fernando Valley and she is an expert in this region. Kelly understand the market. She showed me a house listed way out of my price range, but Kelly’s understanding of the market allowed her to determine it was incorrectly priced and should be in my price range. She worked with the Seller to get the house to within my price range and now I am living in a wonderful house, in a great neighborhood that another agent would not have even thought to show me.




Helped me sell a home/Helped me buy a home

Kelly Pessis worked with my extended family for years. She was my agent when I decided to sell my house , she helped me with the preparation giving me very valid advice, directions and support. She helped me to find the right contractor for the different works e modifications needed. The house was sold in one week with multiple offers and at a record price for the time . She followed all the process of the Escrow with much dedication and experience.

And with the same dedication she helped me to find a new house where I am happily residing now.



Helped me buy a home

Kelly Pessis is as good as it gets when it comes to real estate agents and advisers. It’s hard to put into words how much she helped change our lives. Buying a home can truly transform ones life-as can, selling a property and moving into a new, exciting chapter. Though Kelly’s dedication, integrity, honesty and extensive knowledge of real estate and the laws surrounding real estate; Kelly helped us find and negotiate the house of our dreams. We thought finding the home of our dreams was something manufactured on HGTV, but come to find out, the concept exists. Kelly steered us in the right direction, every step of the way. And, what makes us respect her even more, is she steered us away from the wrong direction, even more times. Without her, I’m certain we would have settled and made regretful decisions. And, possibly even given up.

Through this process, I have a great deal of respect for great agents. The amount of information, experience, likability and intuition one must have to be a great real estate agent, is truly hard to come by. I believe Kelly also has a unique edge, due to her experience buying and renting dozens of rental properties of her own. She knows how to identify what a house has, what it needs, and what are real deal breakers. I’m not talking the amount of bedrooms or square footage. She can spot both issues and legitimate perfection from a mile away–and immediately gets to the bottom of things. This is a woman who gets things done, and will relentlessly work until there’s a victory. We’ve seen her run miles around other agents–literally every time.

There isn’t another person I’ve ‘done business with’ in life, that I’m more confident of praising. We would hire Kelly ten times over, as both a selling and buying agent.


Helped me sell a home

Kelly was exceptional in her dedication to sell my house. She has excellent communication skills, and had many great ideas on how to spruce up the house. She works well with others and in my opinion is the perfect and best agent anyone can have. I highly recommend her.


Helped me sell a home/Helped me buy a home

I have used Kelly for my real estate transactions for the last 15 years; she helped me buy my first house, helped my wife and I sell a rental property and helped me get a tenant. She is the most knowledgeable and professional Realtor I have ever worked with. She always considers what is right for my situation and guides me accordingly. I have recommended her to all my friends and family. She has earned my trust and has never let me down.


Helped me buy a home

Kelly Pessis was outstanding from the first time we met her. She took the time to learn about us and figure out what were looking for in a new home. She then showed us properties that fit our general description and helped us further refine our choices.

Although we were deliberate and stopped and restarted the process multiple times, Kelly never pressured us to buy something she knew wouldn’t make us happy. She patiently showed us place after place until we found just what we wanted.

Once we found it, she helped us with the negotiations and inspections. She made sure we had experts in roofing, electrical, plumbing, etc. to check on stuff and ultimately work on fixing things that needed fixing.

Kelly is not just a fabulous agent but also a wonderful person and somebody who has become a good friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Helped me buy a home

Kelly worked tirelessly for a LONG time to find us the right place. She was hard-working, honest and didn’t give us advice just because it served her. We looked for so long, and the market was heating up so we were inclined to just buy “anything” and she saved us from ourselves! She steered us away from purchasing a place when it would have been easier, because she was looking out for our long term interests. She knows so much about construction and the bureaucracies in the coastal cities, and that served us very well when deciding ultimately what to do. We were not buying a mansion, and still she gave us more attention than I’ve ever received from “famous” realtors in the area when buying my 3 previous homes in the same area.